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                                                                                                           Dave, Sheri, Christy &  Dani

"It is better to try big things even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor souls who neither enjoy much nor suffer much."   - Theodore Roosevelt

trouble.jpg (11835 bytes)"Technology with vision is advancement"

This is a shot of Christy & Dani hamming it up in the kitchen. Obviously, I'm using this page to put my best assets forward: my family. I hope you enjoy some of the information I've organized. Have fun. Don't forget to check out my "Friends & Family links" page.

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              *Family HOT news, What's new with the family.
              *Las Palapas Condominiums, San Felipe, Baja, Mexico's best place to stay.
              *Dave's favorite HOT links, Just a few of my favorite links, check'em out.
              *Friends & Family pages , Links to friends & family members with web pages
              *Personal information, A little about me.
              *Moore's Genealogy page, our modest shot at the big picture, help if you can. (in progress)

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